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Incoded Animated Menu Component is HTML/CSS/JS web page element made to look nice and fancy on your website and to be functional and provide complete user experience. It is responsive fullscreen menu that supports submenus as well so it's going to be a good solution for mobile platforms too. With minimal CSS skills, it could be easily stylized and adapted to any website.


  • 16 themes
  • 8 fonts
  • 4 animation types
  • 3 font sizes
  • Submenus
  • Responsive
  • Hamburger button positioning
  • Background opacity
  • Multiple menus
  • Visible on light and dark colored web pages


  • jQuery


* Added hamburger button support for dark color pages (invert colors option).
* Fixed menu position.
* Fixed menu so it closes all submenues before re-opening.

* Added size option.
* Added optimization for different devices and screen sizes.
* Fixed submenu border and scaling.
* Fixed shift-left animation.

* Fixed menu position.
* Fixed multiple submenues bug.
* Fixed closing submenu bug in Firefox.

* Fixed menu position.
* Fixed gap between hamburger bars and on close button.

* A small bug fixed

* Added new option - "opacity"
* Improved option "button_position"

* Set default font